Why you (or someone you know) Needs a coach

The way you do anything..... ... is the way you do everything.

Its quite an outrageous claim but what if its true?  It points to the ways patterns of behaviour can repeat over and over again (as well as patterns of thinking and feeling too).  If we are last minute (or just in time) in booking our flights, we can be the same way when it comes to meeting a deadline, or preparing for a presentation. If we like to get everything ready before we start cooking, then we'll often approach a work project in the same way; and if we're easily distracted by a new bit of research, we can be easily disturbed by a passing email..... This repeated kind of integration means that if we want to see changes in our style or approach to work, we are going to have to go fairly deeply into what makes us tick. 

Psychologists, as well as coaches, call this......

“ontology” or “way of being”.  It means that coaching is often concerned with helping people explore the language they use to describe themselves and others – and also helps them unpack their emotions and even what their body is saying.  We might often bring to coaching a situation, work relationship  or problem to be fixed and yet sometimes we can find a breakthrough by encountering a new level of awareness, a new sense of confidence, and a new kind of perspective.

So who really benefits from coaching? 

Answer these 5 questions to see if it might be you.

Are you starting out in a new job, or with new responsibilities?  A new job brings with it new stresses and new opportunities.  Whilst the new opportunity can be exciting, it can also be daunting.  “What if they dont like me, what if I dont like them, what if I fail?”

Are you looking for a new job, or feel like you’ve been in this one too long?  Many of us know what it is like to feel stuck in a role or even an organisation.  We ask ourselves “what am I really best at and what do I enjoy doing the most?”  Is it possible to find a career move that will really bring a greater sense of job satisfaction?

Are you feeling stressed at work, or even sometimes out of control?  New technologies and ever increasing expectations of a wide range of stakeholders can mean that we are “always on” and never get a change to re-charge the batteries.  As some have said, “the way we are working, isn’t working”

Are you wanting to get more out of yourself or the people you manage?  If we are managing a big team, we know that different people need different things – for motivation, for direction, for challenge, and so on.  And we also know that sometime we are completely in flow, and other days, everything we touch goes backwards

Are you needing to resolve a particular challenge, tricky problem, or difficult relationship?  We also know how debilitating it can be to find a situation we cant move past.  Sometimes our usual reserves or usual approach to problem solving just dont work, and we end up living with a compromise or sub-optimal solution.

Coaching can and does provide the kind of support and challenge you need to unlock a better future.

Through coaching, you can: understand what is really going on
                                               understand what success looks like (for you and others)
                                               understand what patterns are helping you and what is getting in the way
                                               understand what you might need to do differently
                                               understand where specifically you can start.

And remember, if the way you do anything is the way you do everything, then coaching can make a big difference to how you experience your work and the rest of your life, and also to how others experience you!