About Me: Founder of Richard Marshall coaching

My Experience


I have been coaching for most of my working life and have lived and worked in the UK and Asia. After an early HR career during which I was part of the team that introduced performance coaching at (Astra) Zeneca Pharmaceuticals, I worked in a series of increasingly senior roles, culminating in my most recent global role as Senior Director for People and Culture at the global charity World Vision International. I had responsibility for overseeing Organisation Development, Change, Performance Management, Employee relations and Staff Engagement across 40,000 staff in 100 countries.

In 2015 I completed a 2 week Research Fellowship  at Syracuse University, New York: on “Why CEOs Fail - and how to prevent it"

Since founding my own company in 2016, I have been coaching CEOs, senior managers in transition and talented emerging leaders, both face to face, and increasingly over Skype. 

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Our Approach


Our goal in executive coaching is to help leaders to be more effective, feel more fulfilled and achieve more balance, in their leadership and in their life as a whole. We often work with leaders who are looking to build strong relationships with their teams and their boards, with leaders in transition, with emerging leaders, with those who have just been promoted, and with those who are seeking some kind of breakthrough. We do this by working with them on their leadership style, their self-awareness, their influence and their impact.  We start with where the client is and help them identify triggers, observe patterns, and explore narratives, working out which ones are propelling them towards their goals and which ones lead to de-railing and counter-productive behaviour.  We believe Executive Coaching is about creating a safe space for leaders and professionals to explore the challenges they face. By providing support and challenge, we can help them understand more about what is working for them, what needs to change, and how to change it. 

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Why Me?


 I like to work with clients who are really committed to making changes that stick (don’t we all!). My distinctives as a coach are my psychology background, my global perspective, and my human resources experience. 

I have worked closely with CEOs and Boards, and also with emerging leaders and executive level directors. I used Hogan profiling and other tools (MBTI, EQi) to help clients build self-awareness and greater understanding of their impact on others.  I think leadership is as much a function of who you are as what you actually do. So leadership development is less about techniques and tactics and more about identity, character and values. 

I believe coaching should be outcomes focussed and like to work closely with the client to do more of their best work more often, and so to achieve the results that they seek.  In essence, coaching creates the space for the critical conversations to take place.

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